Death of a Pirate King - Josh Lanyon "I'm not insane. This is very simple, very straightforward. Provided he doesn't kill me, it's foolproof."

Adrien seems to find trouble no matter where he goes. Adrien's book, Murder Will Out, has been potentially picked up for a movie script. Adrien is at a dinner party that features some Hollywood execs and what do ya know? The guy next to Adrien drops dead. Right next to him. Who better than to take the case? None other than Jake Riordan.

This book takes place two years after The Hell You Say ended. During this time Adrien has been dating Guy, but there hasn't been any promises made. Not from lack of trying on Guy's part. Adrien wants to want Guy like he should. Adrien knows Guy is good for him but hasn't been able to make that jump to commitment yet. Adrien didn't seem to know what the problem was until he saw Jake again. Then, oh right... I'm still hung up on that other guy who left me for his new WIFE. It was nice to see not only Adrien fess up to his feelings, but Jake as well. There were some heartfelt moments between the two. I admit, I liked seeing Jake a little broken up and bothered by Adrien. Good! He needs to see what he left behind for a "normal" life. There was a lot of growth in Jake in this book. He does finally get it. He gets that his normal life isn't so normal.

Adrien is such a loveable character. The trouble he gets into. He can't seem to help himself. He's too curious for his own good and can never just let things be. I love his outlandish and dramatic suggestions to solving crime, followed by a "I read too much mystery."

The mystery storyline was my favorite so far. I figured out who the killer was pretty early on, but the getting there was intense. It's still great fun reading about Adrien's crazy theories and shenanigans. And the ending. I love the ending with Jake's sheepish looks and "If it still matters to you". *sigh* Ready for the next one and for Jake to make me swoon.