Shades of Gray - Brooke McKinley “That’s the best you can hope for, Danny. That your life turns out like that patchwork quilt. That you add some bright, sparkling pieces to the dirty stained ones you’ve got so far. That in the end, the bright patches might take up more spaces on your quilt than the dark ones.”

Danny Butler is a man who is unknowingly being watched by the FBI. Miller Sutton has been biding his time waiting for the opportunity to arrest Danny. Danny is an employee of a drug-lord, Roberto Hinestroza, and could be a key witness for Miller to finally nail him. Once Miller has Danny, he offers Danny a deal he can’t refuse and the two men are forced to depend on each other for survival.

Aside from being an intense romantic suspense novel this book is about acceptance. Accepting your past sins, accepting who you are and accepting those you love. The romance between these two men was beautiful to witness. With Miller being so confused by his feelings of compassion and arousal of not only a criminal, but a man. Then Danny not being able to accept his past and the things he’s done. Danny is convinced that he’s not deserving of straight-laced cop, Miller. On the same note, Miller only sees in black and white. You’re either a good guy, or you’re not. He’s learning, not only to accept himself as a gay man, but as a man who loves a criminal. A criminal who lives in that gray area Miller refuses to admit exists. They both had internal struggles to overcome before they were really able to be together. It was heartbreaking to read. It was important for them to accept themselves and come to terms with their lives on their own. I appreciated that they recognized that this needed to happen for themselves, and not a significant other.

“I’ve spent my whole life jumping from one bad choice to the next. Choosing this, with you, is probably the only decision I’ve ever been proud of making.”

I love when authors can create wonderful erotica without being explicit. There was so much sexual tension and when they finally were together it was full of love and passion and just beautifully erotic. Perfect. I loved these two men, who have been so hardened by life and the circumstances they were dealt, being so comforting, understanding, patient, sweet, sexy and just plain loving towards each other.

”It felt like more than sex, more than release. It felt like the answer to every question he’d ever dare to ask.”