Nowhere Ranch - Heidi Cullinan Roe has been moving around the country since he was kicked out of his home for being gay. He doesn’t stay in one place too long. He doesn’t get attached. Then, he finds himself working at Nowhere Ranch and he is able to build himself a nice life there. When he decides to go to a gay bar neighboring city he finds his boss, Travis, there as well. While talking and drinking at the bar they realize that they’re both looking for the same thing. Some good ol’ slutty, kinky fun.

OHMIGOD. Holy Hot Damn -- this was some serious sex. Roe likes feeling like a slut. He wants to be dirty and wrong. And, OH BOY, did Travis oblige. When they start their sexual escapades the deal is this: Just -hotcrazyfistingholyshitdidtheyjustdothat- Sex, No Relationship. Well, we’ve seen this a million times folks and we know how it will turn out. But, regardless of the predictability of their relationship I loved the story between Travis and Roe.

Roe has worked so hard at building his walls, he’s convinced himself that he doesn’t do friendship. With anyone. He spends his birthday and holiday’s alone and wants to keep it that way. His family deserted him, so what’s to stop others from doing the same? That was until Hayley came along and demolished his little safe haven he thinks he’s built around himself. She decided she was going to be his friend and DARN IT, she did. Slowly but surely, Roe opens himself up more and more to the people around him. He’s starting to realize that not everyone will leave him and he is capable of being loved and loving someone in return. I adored Hayley. She’s one tough cookie and proved to Roe how family is supposed to be.

While, Roe easily accepts his status of “friends” with Hayley, he’s not as accepting of the word “relationship” with Travis. In fact, neither one of them are at first. But as time goes on they grow closer and a bond between them forms. I mean, c’mon, you have to have some real trust with someone to do the things and scenes that these two did. I appreciated that there was a struggle to accept their new feelings for each other. This was something that they battled and fought. It was hard for them to accept that what they have is more than friends with benefits. What they had was real and worth the risk.

I’ve read some of Heidi Cullinan and I love all of it so far. She’s able to write one seriously hot book, while still having a strong, heartfelt romance along with it. This book was absolutely not all about their sexual relationship. Yes, that’s how it started, but it turned into so much more.