The Hell You Say - Josh Lanyon The Hell You Say is the third -- and possibly my favorite -- installment of the Adrien English Mysteries. I adore Adrien’s voice in these books but if he doesn’t stop sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong the phrase “curiosity killed the cat” is going to have a very personal meaning to him.

Adrien’s employee, Angus, has been receiving threatening phone calls while at work. These phone calls seem to be coming from a satanic cult that Angus is a part of. Instead of going to the police, Adrien offers to help pay for Angus to disappear for a while. After Angus is gone the Satanists come looking for him at Adrien’s bookstore. Adrien, being himself, can’t leave the problem to the police (i.e. Jake -- bleh.) but decides to try and investigate a Satanic cult all on his own. When dead bodies start turning up the police have to get involved and they are not too happy to find Mr. Adrien English in the middle of yet another murder scandal.

I just love Adrien’s curiosity and determination. He doesn’t leave any stone unturned and when he thinks he finds a lead he is convinced that he has cracked the case. Then to find out that it lead to nowhere. It’s refreshing to see a character with flaws, who doesn't always know the answer right away, or ever. I did have some issues with Jake. I really want to really like him. I did at first and almost felt sorry for him. He has such a deep seated hatred for his homosexuality and it makes me want to sing and dance for him “YOU WERE BORN THIS WAY BABY!” But I lost respect for him in this book. I hope he can get it back. During the investigation, Adrien did meet the supposedly sexy (he was described as kind of looking like Prof. Snape...) Guy. Adrien somehow convinced Guy to follow him in his “let’s pretend I’m a PI” shenanigans. They seem to hit it off and I can sense romance in the next book. Maybe some seething jealousy will help Jake see what is right in his face.

I really enjoy this series and can’t wait to see the trouble Adrien finds for himself in the coming books. It’s sure to be full of fantastic fun and hopefully an HEA for our inquisitive hero.