Tender Mercies - Kitty Thomas Grace decided that the regular BDSM clubs and kink wasn't for her. She felt that it was just playacting and wanted to experience the "real thing". She decides to move to an island where master/slave relationships are legal. The slave is treated as property and the only right they have is to not be murdered by their master. What? No takers?

When she arrives, the man who is her master is not the person she had been chatting with online. Shocker, I know. He is evil. I mean E.V.I.L. She is eventually sold to Asher who has a different view of what a slave should be to their master. Asher is still a sadist and enjoys the power he can exercise over his slave but he knows that Grace is almost completely broken when he buys her. I really loved Asher. He is so kind and loving toward Grace while she is healing from her horrific experience. At the same time he is still a dominant master. He doesn't go easy on Grace, she knows her place and the rules she is to live by. Their relationship was able to grow into something... I don't know if healthy is the right word (to each his own, right?) but they were happy. I hated the time she had to spend with the first man but if she hadn't I don't think her and Asher would have had the same deep connection.

I loved this book. Loved the relationship between Asher and Grace. It was so compelling and just wonderfully written. There was no doubt the terror that Grace was in when being sold to Asher or about her confusion to his kindness. Asher was the perfect hero for Grace. He helped to heal her and still let her live in the master/slave world that she had longed to be apart of.