Witness in Death (In Death 10) - J D Robb 4.5 stars

Eve & Roarke are such a wonderful couple and even though this is their tenth book, their relationship is still growing and changing. Eve really stretched herself in proving her love for Roarke. It was very sweet & endearing. Two words I never thought I'd associate with Eve. I loved it. On the flipside, Roake had an "insert foot in mouth" moment, which made this entire book worth the read.
The man does have faults! Smiley Praise Jesus! Smiley

Oh Peabody. The real star of the show. Smiley
Thank heavens McNabb grew a pair and finally went after She-body. It was quite enjoyable seeing him get all gooey-eyed over Peabody & asking for love advice. But hell, I can't blame him, I've got a mad girl-crush on Peabody. SmileySmileySmiley She's smart and kickass, but still manages to be thoughtful and sweet. Great combo. Plus, she puts up with all of Eve's crap. Gotta love a strong secondary character.

So yeah, I loved it. The next one will probably follow the same plot with the same formula and I'm sure I'll love that one too.