Holiday in Death - J.D. Robb Holiday in Death is the seventh installment in J.D. Robb’s In Death series. While it wasn’t my favorite, it was still a great read!

There are a string of serial type murders happening around Christmastime and the only link between the deaths is the dating service, Personally Yours, that all the victims used. All of the murders are sexual homicides and they really seem to hit Eve hard. Luckily, she has some really great people around her to take care of her. Eve doesn’t accept their help easily and fights them every bit of the way. To the point where tranqs had to be involved. It was funny.

There is constant hilariousness in these books. The banter between the characters is priceless! Especially Peabody. I could quote that girl all day long. She is too funny constantly swooning over Roarke. But, really, who wouldn’t? I really want her to get an HEA. I can sense it coming, hopefully soon. And hopefully, with McNab. And then there is Roarke. He is so perfect for Eve. He really understands her and knows where she comes from, being that he came from a similar situation. But he doesn’t let her get away with all the crap she tries to pull. And Eve really makes people put up with a lot of crap.

I just love this series and loving the characters more and more. Peabody is a certified badass and is officially one of my favorite characters.