Nobody's Angel (Rescue Me #2, BDSM Erotic Romance) - Kallypso Masters Nobody’s Angel is Marc and Angelina’s story. Marc meets Angelina when her and her boyfriend visit the Masters at Arms BDSM kink club to kind of test the Dom/sub waters. Angelina’s boyfriend completely abuses her trust and luckily someone - the dungeon monitor, Marc - notices and puts a stop to the scene. Marc is wearing a mask and Angelina isn’t able to see who her rescuer is. But she knows that this man is the type of Dom that she wants and needs. When they meet again Marc remembers who his little pet is but Angelina doesn’t know that Marc was her rescuer that night at the club. Why doesn’t he just tell her from the get-go? Heck if I know. He eventually gives a reason for his perpetual storytelling, but it isn’t good enough for me. I am okay with some misunderstandings and a little lie that can be somewhat justified but lying throughout almost the whole book?! No. I was sorta okay with it until he had everyone else in on the lie too. And then it just turned into storytelling hour. I enjoyed the book otherwise. I loved reading how Marc was able to reintroduce Angelina into the BDSM world. He pushed her right up to her limit and didn’t give her an inch. She had a lot of personal issues to deal with in this book that were heartbreaking. Least of all being her super abusive ex.

Since I am a complete sucker for secondary characters I completely adore Luke (...and Adam...and Damian...)! He was just too sweet and deserves an amazing HEA.

I really wanted to really like this book because the first one was so good! If I could rate just the last 20% of this story I would give it 4 stars. Marc just drove me too out of my mind crazy during the first half that I just can’t justify a higher rating. But I am soooo ready for Adam and Karla’s book. That last line is killing me!