Mine Till Midnight - Lisa Kleypas Amelia Hathaway is the head of her family. Not technically, but because her older brother is about worthless at this point she might as well be head of the family. Her family inherited the Ramsey estate and has moved to live there. This place is a fixer upper to say the least and their family hardly has the means to repair it. Cam Rohan (Cam...mmm...), a man that she just keeps running into, has more money than he needs or wants and offers to help her with her family and home.

I loved how the romance between these two was gradual. Neither of them planned on being in love or marriage. Amelia decided for herself that she was going to be a spinster in order to care for her brother and three younger sisters. Cam is a gypsy and is longing to get back to his roots and be free of society and all of its demands. Amelia got on my nerves some. I love a strong heroine, but there comes a point when you just need to admit that you need help. And that it’s okay to ask and accept! But, I really felt for her in having to deal with her brother, Leo. He lost his fiancé and hasn’t been able to let her go. Leo is constantly drunk and/or missing. While Amelia has to deal with all the problems of their house, her younger sister being ill and the ever intriguing Cam Rohan, she has to worry about where Leo is and if he is alive at all. Cam really stepped up for Amelia to help carry some of her burdens. She had a lot to deal with her eccentric little family and he was with her the whole way. Whether she wanted him to be or not.

This was such a sweet romance. Made my heart happy! After reading this I am excited to read about Merripen and Win. I think they may have been my favorite part!