My Regelence Rake - J.L. Langley Colton has been pining for Sebastian since he was a teenager. He was never able to act upon his feelings because Sebastian never showed interest in return. But when Sebastian is given the task of protecting the royal family on Regelance he and Colton begin to spend more time together. This causes rumors among the ton about the two being lovers. Well, there’s only one way to squash rumors of a romance in Regelance. Marriage, of course.

I enjoyed Colton and Sebastian enough I just wasn’t swooning and sighing over them. They were cute and sweet, but I’m tiring of the forced marriages and all the “Oh no! I love him. I wasn’t supposed to LURVE him! Should I tell him? No.” This was the inner dialogue from both of them. Out with it already! You love each other! Sheesh. Then, Sebastian was supposed to have this big horrible secret and when it came out... for reals? That’s your big secret? Yep, for reals.

Despite all this, I did like it. I just felt like I had read it before. I do continue to love the world that’s been created in this series. I like the futuristic setting but in a Regency type society. Very unique. And you bet your ass I’m continuing to read Rexley and Trouble’s story. SQUEE!