Demon Angel - Meljean Brook This is the first book in Meljean Brook’s Guardian series. Whew. So much happened in this book that I don’t know how I would begin to summarize it. All I can say is that I am now a complete fangirl of Meljean Brook.

Lilith and Hugh. Hugh and Lilith. Now one of my favorite couples. Hugh was a swoon worthy hero, but Lilith really stole my heart. Lilith was a complete badass. She lied, killed and manipulated pretty much everyone and made no apologies for it. She was insulting, rude and crude. I really liked her. And Hugh never asked her to be any different. Given the choice, he wanted her to stay the exact same. He loved her and her demonish ways. I loved these two together. The chemistry and the banter between the two was perfect. It did take them a long time to finally have sex (BOO!) but when they did... holy hotness. Hugh did admit that even though he was a virgin, he had centuries to imagine what he could do to her. And he delivered. Oh boy, did he deliver.

I did have a few moments where I wasn’t really sure what was happening. I felt like the world building was kind of thrown in my face and when I finally caught on, something else was happening that made me go, “WTH?” If it weren’t for my slight confusion and some parts that I felt were drawn out this would have been 5 stars. I loved the world and loved the characters!