Knight (Unfinished Hero, #1) - Kristen Ashley This was my first Kristen Ashley book and her writing style was different, but I like it enough. I liked Knight and Anya. They were smokin' hot together. The dirty talk was off the charts. The daddy kink was new for me, but it didn't bother like I though it would. I enjoy BDSM type of relationships that aren't so "set up" I guess you could say. They have a natural relationship that it a Dom/sub type which I really liked. They didn't need titles or a club or special toys. How they were together was natural and didn't need to be a scene. There were some very sweet and tender moments between the two. He was so lost for her that he didn't seem to know what to do with himself. It was cute. I love cute.

The book was just waaaayyyyyy too long. I don't mind long books, as long as there is a good plot to keep me interested. This one did not. I felt like I was reading the same scenes over and over. I really don't like all the "this is me, I am a possessive caveman and you need to learn to like it" bs. The constant pet names drove me insane. The "babe" and "baby" was hot but I cringed every time she called him "honey" or "sweetheart". Those pet names are the ones I use for my kids. Not my man. I tried to get over it but I just can't.