Frat Boy and Toppy - Anne Tenino We meet Brad just as he’s discovering his sexuality. All his life he’s been what’s expected. Football player, frat boy, jock, etc, etc. While in college he starts noticing that he notices guys. Then he plagiarizes a paper and gets called into his uber-sexy TA’s office. Well, Frat Boy needs to be punished, right?

Brad was just too darn cute for words with his shyness towards Sebastian. Big player man is reduced to stuttering and blushing when approached by his geeky TA. When their relationship started they both knew that this was Brad’s first time with another man and not to take it too seriously -- wait, do I really need to recap this scenario? I thought not. Despite the predictable plot this book was one great scene after another. You know the kind where you think, “Oh, I gotta go back and read that again.” Well, I did. A lot. The dialogue was perfect and believable. Sebastian’s Toppy self was perfectly dominant and I enjoyed his understanding and patience with Brad. He was loving and kind and just plain sweet. That is until he was a jerk. But he redeemed himself. Brad is as likeable as can be! I adored how he stood up for himself and his boyfriend when coming out to his friends and family. He really had a loving and supportive group of people around him. If only that were always the case, yeah?