Gone Country - Lorelei James The formula is the same & it works:

Start with a dark-haired, muscled, bossy McKay man. Add in a meet-cute with an independent, Wyoming woman. Sprinkle in some sexy banter & innuendo. Add in as much sex as you can handle. Throw in some nosy family members with dash of children. Then pile on more sex, but this time add some food & some rope. A teaspoon of angst & misunderstanding. Finally, top with an HEA. Oh, and don’t forget the pregnancy announcement. And there you have it! A completed RR book!

Even though the books are starting to all run together for me it was fun getting back into the crazy McKay & West families, there are so many of them that it’s impossible to keep them all straight! My eyes just kind of glaze over when I read all the names during all these family functions they have. My biggest problem with the book was the heroine, Rielle. I just didn’t connect with her at all. She seemed very whiny and almost too independent for me. I like independent heroines, but not when it starts to move into the realm of ridiculousness. I admit, I wasn’t excited to read Gavin’s story but I ended up really liking him & his bossy self. His interactions with Vi & Charlie were some of my favorite parts. I loved seeing their parent/son relationship develop. I also really liked Gavin’s daughter, Sierra. She was a spoiled brat, but she made up for her mistakes. And now I can’t WAIT for her to grow up and read about her and BOONE! Ooooooohhh, it’s gonna be goooooood.