Eternal Rider (Lords of Deliverance #1) - Larissa Ione Wow! This book completely exceeded my expectations

This book is about Ares, who is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. He and his brother and sister are trying to protect the world from Armageddon. Each of the horsemen have a seal, which can be carried in an event, person or object. If their seal is broken they turn into their “apocalyptic counterpart”. Their brother’s seal was broken in Sin Undone and he has become Pestilence and is now wreaking diseased havoc all over the world. Now that their brother is evil he is working desperately to break the rest of the seals. Ares’ seal is carried by people, more specifically fallen angels. So far every fallen angel who has carried his seal has had to pass it on to someone else because they have been killed. Ares is now determined to find his seal and protect it himself. His seal gets passed to a human, Cara. Humans are too weak to carry the seal and will die because of it. When/if Cara dies his seal will break and Ares will become War and bring Earth closer to the apocalypse.

I adored Cara and Ares together. She saw past his broody alphaness and know that he was just a softie on the inside (don’t worry, not soft where it counts ladies..). He was completely lost to her and had no idea how to handle it. Oh, it was just cute. And I love cute. But their sex was not cute, it was super hot! Larissa Ione can write a smokin’ sex scene that can still feel loving at the same time. The chemistry between these two jumped off the page.

Of course, with every good series there must be great secondary characters. The relationship between Ares' and his brother and sister was very well developed. There was a sense of closeness between them without it feeling too contrived. I loved the scenes with the characters from her Demonica series. Especially Wraith. Can I have another book of him please?

What more can I say? Once again Larissa Ione has created a unique series with amazing characters! Her books only seem to get better and I can’t wait to continue in this series.