Blood Bound - Patricia Briggs This book begins with Mercy doing a favor for her vampire “friend”, Stefan. She goes with him to investigate another vampire who also happens to be a sorcerer that is controlling a demon. This vampire, Littleton, is newly made and is going on a killing spree with his demon friend. Just his presence is inciting violence in the Tri-Cities, especially with the werewolves. As vampires and werewolves begin to investigate and try and find Littleton they begin to disappear. This causes Marsilla (the vampire Mistress) to approach Mercy to fine Littleton. She is convinced that Mercy, being a Walker, is the only one equipped to defeat a sorcerer vampire who is hosting a demon. Of course, Mercy being who she is, decided that she would listen to Marsilla (someone who has only their own power in mind) and set out to kill Littleton herself. This did not make his alphaness very happy, which is what makes this series fun.

The plot in this book was much better than the first. It was fast paced and kept me guessing until the end. The last chapter of the book qualified Mercy to be a 100% badass!

I love a series that has great secondary characters and Mercy Thompson is full of them! I am even getting a soft spot for Ben. I think he just needs a little TLC. Jesse cracks me up. Poor Warren, why can’t he just kick Darryl’s ass and prove his awesomeness? Oh... Mercy & Adam... Mercy & Samuel... Mercy & Stefan? No, I don’t think so. I feel like the books are leaning towards Mercy with Adam (or is that just wishful thinking?) but I do know that I am ready for a resolution in this. I don’t like romances being strung along or love triangles. I want my H/h to KNOW that they want their HEA with each other. There shouldn’t be a question about it (this is why I got tired of Sookie). Also, Samuel had his chance, right? And hell, Adam is just effing sexy.

I love the world and characters that Briggs has created. I will certainly continue reading this series and follow along in Mercy’s shenanigans.