Friday Night Bites - Chloe Neill Friday Night Bites is the second book in the Chicagoland Vampire series and is a great follow up to the first, Some Girls Bite. Newly turned vampire and Sentential of the Cadogan Vampire House, Merit, has just moved into her House to live with the rest of her vampire family. Her new House has been accused of threatening a prestigious family in Chicago. It’s up to Merit, as Sentential, to prove the Houses innocence.

Once again this book was filled with fun and witty dialogue. There are some great characters, namely, Mallory. Her and Merit’s friendship is a strong one, but they had some rocky moments in this book. They are both changing, with Merit a newly made vampire and Mallory coming into her own with her sorcery, and this has caused some tension between the two. Hopefully, they are able to move past this and mend their friendship to what it once was. It’s one of the best parts of this series! Merits moving into the Cadogan House naturally, brings her closer to the Master of the House, Ethan. These two had some sexual tension in Some Girls Bite, but despite that, Ethan basically gave Merit away to be with Morgan for alliance purposes. Morgan was a very fun and likable guy, one I would love to see Merit have a relationship with. But, unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen. I’m just not all swoony over Ethan. I don’t particularly like him as being Merit’s love interest. I guess there was some chemistry between the two. I just don’t see it. Yet. Maybe as I read through the series I will buy into their relationship a little more.

Despite my issues with Ethan being completely arrogant so... he gives Merit away like the latest trick but is still allowed to get all silvery-eyed towards her? No. this was a really fun read and has been a great series so far. I will be sure to continue on with Merit and Mallory! (can they be the H/h?)