Conspiracy in Death - J.D. Robb Conspiracy in Death is another great addition to this series. Dallas and Peabody get called on the homicide case that should have been left to the “uniforms”. Unfortunately, if you don’t live on the right side of town or have the wrong profession you don’t warrant a detective to solve your case? Anyway, they were called because not only was the man murdered but his heart was surgically removed. The surgery was clean, precise and professionally done. Not too long after, Dallas and Peabody come across more murders that involved the removal of organs. None of the organs that were stolen were in good working order. The victims were all dying in some way and the organ causing the sickness was the one that was stolen. As the case progresses it becomes personal and Eve has been set up for the murder of one of the victims. Even though Eve has temporarily lost her badge, this doesn’t stop her from continuing her investigation. She just uses different means.

This was one was an emotional book. There were many ups and downs for Eve. We were able to see more into her past as she seems to be remembering more and more about her time with her sperm donor. It’s heartbreaking to know what was done to her as a child. I love how she’s been able to come out the other side as one badass mothaeffer. On the same note, she’s still haunted by her horrific past and can still be vulnerable. I think this is the most vulnerable we’ve seen her so far. After she lost her badge, she lost herself for a period. But then there was Roarke. Roarke. *swoon*melt*sigh* He is just so perfect for Eve. He didn’t let her wallow in her grief. He kicked her ass out of Poor Me mode and back into I’m Eve and Imma Badass Cop mode. Even though she wasn’t on duty for a period and Eve being who she is, she continued her investigation. How could Eve continue without following procedure? Lucky her, her hunky hubby is excellent at hacking, breaking in, and accessing sealed police records. It was great fun seeing these two work this case using Roarke’s methods.

The murder mystery was my favorite of the series so far. There were so many characters and layers in the conspiracy. We pretty much knew who the guilty party was throughout the book, but not all the inner workings. I would have liked to have had more Peabody. She is one of my favorite secondary characters. I love her wit and dedication to Eve. I could keep gushing on and on. Bottom line, I love this series and will obviously keep reading.