Seduction of a Highland Lass - Maya Banks Alaric McCabe is set to marry Rionna McDonald of the McDonald clan. This will form an important alliance between the two clans. Alaric is dedicated to his clan and will do what it takes to keep them secure. Even if that means having to marry a woman that he has no desire for. While on his way towards the McDonald land Alaric and his men are attacked. They are all left for dead and Alaric somehow escapes. He ends up at a secluded home that belongs to a woman named Keely. By the time he reaches the home he is unconscious and has a fever. Keely brings him into her home to help heal him. When Alaric’s brothers find him in Keely’s home they take both Alaric and Keely back to McCabe land. While Keely is healing Alaric their relationship starts to turn into something that it mustn’t. They both know how imperative Alaric’s marriage to Rionna is to their clan and that he will never be free to be with her.

Their romance was very sweet and tender. Their relationship and love grew throughout the book and was a pleasure to read. This was a very emotional book for both Keely and Alaric. Keely was an outcast from her clan for being wrongly accused of a whore. She had been living on her own for years and had to have lived a very lonely existence. When she was taken - literally taken by Ewan - she was welcomed into the clan with open arms and became a part of their family. Every time they called her Keely McCabe I was a little teary eyed right along with her. My heart broke for the couple every time they stole moments together knowing that those little moments was all they would ever have together. I was anticipating up until the very end how they would be able to be together without losing the alliance. I was pleasantly surprised and now can’t wait to read the next one!