Finding Magic - Stacia Kane Stacia Kane's Downside Ghosts series continues to be one of my favorite Urban Fantasy series. This is a "prequel" to the series, but I would definitely read it after already being introduced to the series. I don't think it would be very meaningful to read this book before the rest of the series.

WOW! The author really showed the depth of Chess's (unfortunate) self loathing. She is a character that shouldn't be very likable. But I find myself desperate to see her happy and to have some sense of worth! She effing rocks at her job! Why can't she see that? Ugh. But, the cover of Chasing Magic gives me some hope for Chess. This is the first cover where we see her smiling! I loved the little glimpse of Terrible. Now I need more!

Now, that I have had a small (but intense) dose of this series I am begging for more! I am ready for June 26 and more Terrible!