Willing Victim - Cara McKenna When Laurel meets Flynn in a public park she is instantly drawn to him and asks him out after their short encounter. Of course, he pulls the “I’m not your type” BS. But tells her that if she still wants to see him she can meet him at a club the next weekend. What she finds out is that he fights in an underground boxing ring. There’s violence, sweat, half naked men. Sound effing hot if you ask me. Laurel didn’t go running and screaming like Flynn had anticipated. Flynn also discovers that Laurel isn’t squeamish about his super dark, super hot rape fantasies. That’s right. Rape fantasies.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect when reading this type of play in a book. I have read my fair share of BDSM and this is just a few steps further. I actually *grimace* really liked the fantasy play. Flynn played the part of a rapist really well. (Did I really just say that?) His dirty talk was… really good and dirty. He ended up being a really swoon worthy hero in the end. I didn’t like him in the beginning. He was too stand offish and RUDE. He actually called her a dipshit. In a slightly sarcastic way, but still. Not a way for a hero to win over my heart in the beginning of a book. I also liked Laurel. I wish the book was longer so we could see more of her. Some tragic parts of her life were revealed and I would have liked to learn more about it.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story. On to the next mind WTFery.