Chasing Magic  - Stacia Kane Holy.Hell This book took me on one hell of a ride. Once again Stacia Kane delivers an effing masterpiece. I think I highlighted the whole book. The plot was awesome, kept me guessing until the very end. As usual. Chess is still her self-destructive self and I wanted to smack her. But I did see a glimpse of her wanting to change. One can only hope.
But the relationship between Chess & Terrible... sigh...
"Shit. You so fuckin pretty, Chessie. True thing. So... ain't even can breathe sometimes."

These are the types of swoon worthy quotes that Terrible is giving to Chess. Throughout the book. Of course there are times he is mad at her (because she doesn't know how to just let herself be happy), and even then he is too sexy for words. Okay, Ms. Kane, I am ready for my next fix.