Iced - Karen Marie Moning Dani is Mega. She’s just trying to look out for the humans who can’t look out for themselves. ‘Cause that’s, like, what superheroes do, right? Help those who are helpless. Have courage for those who are frightened. She is Mega. She is the.feckin.Mega.

Dani is smart, tenacious, arrogant, and has some b.a.l.l.s. She is fourteen but through her experiences she is a far cry from any “normal” fourteen year old. She is beyond her years in her knowledge of the world, but, at the same time, is very naïve. She sees things in black and white. She refuses to believe people can be both light and dark. You’re either with Dani or you better run the other feckin’ direction. Fast. But this is just Dani on the surface, her armor. She is breaking inside, she shows tiny little glimpses of this but immediately retracts these emotions. She’s breaking from the loss of her mother and of the best friend she’s ever known. She has many authority figures surrounding her who love her, but she doesn’t let them get too close. When people get too close they like to have too much control. She doesn’t like being put in a cage.

He’s egotistical, bossy and just plain rude at times. He’s the owner of a club that allows Fae and humans to fraternize and anything goes. Ryodan has taken Dani under his wing, by, of course, manipulation. How else? There couldn’t be another way to show he cares? Not for Ryodan. It’s obvious he cares and worries for the kid. But why? He’s been protecting her for longer than she knows. Why? It’s clear he loves her. Why? And in what way? I have my theories on this. But we all know what happens when we assume anything in the Fever series.

Christian is my new Barrons. Don't get me wrong, he's completely Unseelie Prince crazy but he made me melt and swoon and go all mushy gushy inside. I adored how much he just adored His Girl. It was weird to me at first, considering her age, but Christian is clear on how he feels and why he loves Dani. I loved Dani’s complete innocence and cluelessness on the matter. Christian’s looking at Dani all lusty-eyed and then there’s Dani, “Dude, why the feck you lookin’ at me like that? I got somethin’ on my face?” Priceless. She has not a clue. While he was very swoon-worthy, he had some psycho “I am an Unseelie Prince” moments. It was heartbreaking seeing what is happening to Christian. He is quickly progressing from Highlander to Unseelie Prince. Will he wait for Dani? Will he succumb to his Unseelie instincts? Can he control it? Even in his Unseelie moments he loves Dani but his love turns into almost an obsession.

It was epic. It was Mega. It was everything I’ve come to expect from KMM. She has a way of writing a story that is so utterly engaging that it haunts me in my dreams. She can write a story that feels complete, I feel a sense of closure, but still leaves me hanging on to the last second and now I’m salivating for more. I finished this book with more questions than answers, and I wouldn’t have it any other way when it comes to AWC Dublin.