Tangle Of Need (Psy-Changeling, #11) - Nalini Singh Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling series continues to be, hands down, my favorite paranormal series! It is the only series where I ENJOY the interludes into the other side. I don’t skim or dread reading about the Psy, in fact I pay very close attention to Kaleb the Psy. With that being said, unfortunately that is what helped this book receive solid 4 stars from me.

If I were just rating the main couples romance I would have given 3 stars. Riaz and Adria just didn’t have the chemistry that I usually relish in when reading a Psy/Changeling book. I felt as though their relationship with one another was one of convenience. They were both available, needed to have skin privileges with another wolf and didn’t want a commitment. Eventually, I could feel that they were developing a deeper connection but not at a level that we normally see in this series. I did enjoy seeing Riaz try and charm Adria back, it was very sweet and mating dance-ish. Let me just say, they were still SCORCHING hot together!

What made this a 4 star read what the interactions we were able to see with the other characters. I loved, loved, LOVED Sienna and Hawke. We were able to see their relationship grow not only as a mated couple but as the leaders of their pack. I am hoping we will be able to see Riaz and Adria in the future in this way. Maybe even a later in life mating bond?

I feel like the main focus of this book was to advance the main arc in the series. Which is fine with me because, in this series, I enjoy the interludes with Kaleb the other characters, especially the Psy. The story really went deeper into the impending Psy civil war and the different roles the Changeling, Humans and Psy are playing in it. There are many different and somewhat unexpected alliances forming in preparation for this. What I love about the Psy characters is (even after 11 books) you can’t get a clear read on their intentions (probably because their Psy, huh?). Even though most of them probably don’t have the best intentions with their actions, I am still rooting for them and want to see more of them in the future. Preferably, with a wolf or a leopard petting them and getting all touchy feely like they do.

I am completely taken by this incredible world Ms. Singh has created with her passionate and complex characters. Now, we just need to know who the H/h are for the next installment! Because, yes, I am jonsing for the next book and will inhale it as soon as I get it in my greedy hands.