On the Edge -  Ilona Andrews Right away I knew I was going to be thrust into awesome world building, filled with equally awesome characters. ‘Cause that’s what Ilona Andrews does. With perfection.

We start with Rose who lives in a place called The Edge. The Edge is a long and thin stretch of land that exists between two worlds. The Broken, where people like you and I live, and The Weird. The Weird is filled with magic & creatures that the people of The Broken couldn’t begin to imagine. Most people in each realm don’t know the other exists. Only the highest ranking in each society and the people of The Edge. Rose has been left by both of her parents and given the task of raising her two little brothers when she was just eighteen. She’s been trying to maintain a livable lifestyle for them ever since, and belonging to neither The Broken nor The Weird, it’s been a struggle.

Not only is Rose dealing with the financial struggles of everyday life, she has to keep track of her brothers. Georgie, who has the power to resurrect dead people and animals, is slowly killing himself because his sweet little heart can’t let anything go. Jack is a predator changeling and sometimes has trouble fitting in with the rest of society. These two are adorable and steal the show. They love each other and their big sis to a fault.

Amongst the chaos that is Rose’s life, in comes Declan. He bullied his way into Rose’s life with his arrogant, sword-wielding, badass self. She told him to leave her alone. So, he followed her. She told him to stay away from her family. So, he took her brother out to The Wood to practice his predator skills. You get the idea. Declan might have come into Rose’s life under some false pretenses, but he certainly made up for it with his determination to win the girl. I’m normally not okay with a book long lie, but here it seemed to work. He didn’t necessarily lie, just, as Declan stated himself so well, let Rose come to her own conclusions and didn’t bother to correct her. This totally fit his arrogant character.

"I mean to have you, Rose, you and all of your thorns. I'm a disagreeable and stubborn bastard, but I'm not a fool. You didn't really expect me to pass you up, did you?"

Who could resist a speech like that? Rose was certainly prickly and I would have liked a little more romance in their romance. Especially, from Rose. Their banter was fun and snarky, but I didn't really feel their lurve connection until the end. Even then, it felt a bit shaky.

I love everything Ilona Andrews writes. So, why has it taken me this long to read this series? I have no clue. But I will continue to devour her books and anything else she plans to scribble on.