Lover Enshrined  - J.R. Ward I really don’t know how to rate this one. I don’t know whether I should rant or rave. So I think I’ll do a little bit of both and see where I end up.

Phury & the wizard - ERMAHGERD could this man have thrown a bigger pity party for himself? No. He could not. I get it, he’s had it rough, needs some smoky smoke to get through it all, but talking to himself through “the wizard”? No, please, never again do I want to read about the British man living in Phury’s head.

Phury & Cormia - It’s been said a gazillion and a half times, but it’s worth repeating, these two got cheated out of a seriously great story. For reals. This is supposed to be “their” story and they managed about 50% of the book. There wasn’t enough page time devoted to them to develop any real chemistry. They spent all of zero time together and then they’re in love? How? You’ve been living separate lives for months!

Lash - I don’t care.

The WARDen - I love this series, I really do, but the writing style... with the acronyms, the abbreviations, the slang, the overused words... it’s just too much.

The Name Dropping - Even the mothereffing bottled water needed a brand name. They got money. I know.

Cormia - She is such a lovely female and I enjoyed every second of her learning how to live on the other side. We were able to watch her become her own person, separate from the Chosen. Watching Dirty Dancing with JM? Priceless. Ward is able to create such delicate, feminine heroines who are still badass in their own right. Cormia, still being the innocent Chosen she is, did not put up with Phury in the end and wasn’t going to stick around for more of his crap. Good! You shouldn’t. This, of course, kicked his butt in gear.

Phury (minus the wizard) - He’s selfless, brave, thoughtful, honorable, everything a male of the species should be - when he’s not stoned. He’s sacrificed for others his entire life. His parents, Z, the Brotherhood, and now for the entire race by becoming Primale. Having to spend a lifetime dealing with the Scribe Virgin by being Primale has got to wear a person down. I absolutely love the changes he made with the Chosen. It needed to be done, they were living in the 1800’s, Phury really stepped up for the females.

John Matthew - Sex.On.Legs.

Zhadist - I love being able to see the Brothers we’ve already read about living out their HEA and here we were able to see Z continue to live a normal life with Bella. He was even the mature one here and held his brother responsible for all Phury’s BS. Bravo, Z!

John & Blay & Qhuinn - I enjoy every scene with these three. I love their loyalty, their humor, their chemistry, their bond, everything.

QHUAY!! - Well, duh, right? That kiss. Oh man, that kiss.

Tohr - My first time through this series I couldn’t have cared less about this storyline, but since reading his book, and it being one of my faves, I soaked up every second that I could. So glad he’s back and knowing what’s in store for him made it even better.

My original rating is 4 stars, and I think I'm going to keep it there. There were things I enjoyed more the second time around. Especially Rehv, JM, & Tohr, mostly because I’ve read their stories, I’m already invested in their characters and care a whole hell of a lot more about them this time. Despite my gripes about this series I still really enjoy it and it has been worth a reread. I’m going to continue rereading until Lover at Last is released where I will immediately drop anything I’m doing and read. At last.