Moon Called (Mercedes Thompson, #1) - Patricia Briggs This book has all of your basic urban fantasy ingredients that we love!
Snarky kickass heroine CHECK
A cover with said snarky kickass heroine CHECK
Alpha male(s) that drives the heroine crazy CHECK
Awesome world building that has all of the paranormal creatures we love but in a unique way CHECK

This was a very good “first of a series” book. I didn’t feel (too much) that I was frantically trying to keep up with a new world and new characters like I sometimes do when starting a new series. Mercy is a very strong heroine and I love that she wouldn’t let any of the werewolves forget that she is not pack. She isn’t one to be pushed around by anyone, no matter how alpha they are. At the same time, she made smart decisions for herself and didn’t rush into a dangerous situation just to prove her own independence. I enjoyed seeing her relationship with both Adam and Samuel. At this point I am not sure whose team I am on. Hmmm... I guess I will just have to continue reading about them. Poor me.

But... it was a slow read for me. It took me a long time to read this book. I kept waiting for the plot to move faster, and by the time it did the book was over. I also thought it was weird how long it took Adam to start looking for Jesse. I know he was injured, but being that it was his daughter I thought he would have been more urgent in this.

I did enjoy the world that the author built and am definitely invested in the characters. I will definitely keep reading to find out more about Sam and Adam this series!