Spider's Bite  - Jennifer Estep Elementals are people who can use magic to control the Earth’s elements. Gin is a stone elemental. She is also an assassin. An unapologetic, ruthless assassin. Her handler, Fletcher, who she has known and been a sort of father figure for over 15 years, was brutally murdered by an air elemental. Being the badass killer that she is, Gin is determined to take care of the killer. In comes Detective Donovan Caine, who was at the wrong place at the wrong time and is now a part of the mess. Donovan believes in the law 100% and would like nothing more than to get Gin off the streets, or better yet to kill her himself. He and Gin call a temporary truce. They both need something from each other but once the problem of the killer(s) is solved all bets are off between them.

I liked Gin and her voice in the story. She was funny and there was witty dialogue between the characters. I especially enjoyed her relationship with Fletcher’s son, Fin. They really cared about and had each other’s backs, without there being any sexual tension. Gin was brutal and ruthless to the very end. I lost count of how many people she killed in this book. It was a lot. What really brought down the rating for me was her relationship with Donovan. It was insta lust. Super insta. She saw him and there was clinching of loins all over the place. I couldn’t seem to figure out why. There are times when I buy the instant arousal but not here. There wasn’t enough chemistry between Gin and Donovan to make it believable.

I liked Gin’s story and am curious to find out more about her. There were questions left unanswered that I would like to know the answer to. This is a series I would like to continue, hopefully I will be able to buy into the romance further on in the series.