Seize the Night (Dark-Hunter, #7) - Sherrilyn Kenyon The romance in this book was very sweet! Throughout the series so far it was hard to imagine how Valerius would be redeemed, but he definitely was! I knew I was going to like this one because I have a soft spot for the bad boy who is really just a tortured hero. Poor Val just needed someone to love him and Tabitha definitely showed him some lovin'! He was so stuffy but she was having none of that and broke down all his walls. Which is always fun!

Now, I understand Acheron is supposed to be all mysterious and we should be biting our nails in anticipation to figure out what he is but, come on. He is just bugging me now. What is the point of writing a suspenseful novel when one of the main characters can pick and choose who can live? Not only that, but he can be choosy about who gets to be immortal! It was just too much for me in the end.

I do love the romances in this series and Kenyon has created such an interesting and creative world! I am excited to continue reading this series!