Aklesh - Samuel Jarius Pettit Prince Gar was kind of throwing a fit about all his royal duties and decided to go out for an unauthorized joyride. So, inevitably, when he crashed on Aklesh nobody knew where he was. Now, he’s stuck on this very primitive planet that has none of the advanced luxuries that Gar is used to. What Aklesh does have is telepathic abilities that they use with family members and when marrying. When Kai and his fellow tribe members found this crashed, unconscious alien on their planet he joins minds with him and wills Gar to survive. And it worked. But now, Gar and Kai have an unbreakable bond on a planet that Gar detests.

This story mostly focused on Gar and the growth in his character as he learned the values in the Aklesh culture and became closer to the people. He started with a strong hatred for the planet he’s stuck on and the man that he’s stuck with. Poor Kai, being mentally joined he could hear every word. He was so patient and understanding with Gar. Never showing any animosity towards him regardless of what he heard in Gar’s head. Eventually their enemy status turned to friendship and they were able to use their bond in a positive way. There was some romance towards the end and off-page sex. Even without the explicit scenes it was still very sweet and sexy. Mostly because the UST had been building for pages so I was just waiting for The Kiss to happen. And when it did it was gooooooood.

What I loved was the vivid descriptions of the planet and its people. It’s been said before but I’ll say it again, this did remind me of Avatar. The people are blue and live in trees. What else am I supposed to picture? But, nonetheless, the setting was described beautifully and I could clearly picture everything.

There were a couple things that irked me. There was a small sub-plot about “The Others” (DHARMA Initiative anyone?) capturing Aklesh for scientific experiments and this was even mentioned in the blurb, but I didn’t feel like it was a very big part of the book. There were some important events surrounding that but then it was just dropped and never brought up again. I kept waiting for some big ending to come about, but... nothing. There were also some pretty big grammatical errors that would throw me off for a second. I’m not one to notice this too much, so if I see them then it’s an issue.

I really liked it. Really, really. There wasn’t much action, wasn’t much sex. But there was a lot of wonderful world-building and characters that I fell in love with.